The Department of Treasury is pleased to present the Property Tax Exemption course.  This course consists of XX slideshows that cover various topics.

After you have thoroughly reviewed all of the slideshows and the Web Page walk-through you will be required to take a quiz to test your knowledge.  You must achieve a 75% overall in order to receive credit for this course. 

In order to receive your certification of completion you must view all the modules and successfully complete the quiz. As you complete each item, they will be removed from the list under the Certificate of Completion.  If the certificate is still listed as "restricted not available unless" you have not viewed or completed an activity and cannot receive your certificate until those items listed are completed.

Once you have completed all of the course work, your certification of completion will be automatically emailed to you. It is your responsibility to upload this certificate of completion to the CERTS site under the proper course name.  You will receive four (4) hours of continuing education credit for the completion of this course.

Questions regarding the course or course content can be directed to the State Tax Commission at